First superman comic book sold for million

You can find out values of action issues by clicking here. Rare superman comic book saves family from foreclosure. The issue sold monday morning is a 1938 edition of action comics no. This page lists prices for the first 100 issues of superman s appearances in his solo series, which began in 1939. Bidding ended sunday evening, with 48 bids received. A rare copy of the first comic book featuring superman sold for one million us dollars, smashing the previous record price for a comic book.

It is widely considered to be both the beginning of the superhero genre and the most. Swooping in almost at the last second to win the holy grail issue, the top bidder will now own the most expensive comic book. The previous record for the most expensive comic book was set in 2011 when another. When it first hit newsstands in 1938 it sold for 10 cents. Both comics marked the first appearance of each superhero, in action comics and detective comics, respectively. The idea hit me last week after a 1938 action comics no. Continuing the trend of iconic comic books selling for houseinthehamptons levels of cash, a nearly perfect copy of action comics no. The first comic book ever to feature superman, action comics no. Cnn the comic debut of superman has sold for an outofthisworld price. The 1938 comic is crediting with starting our superhero obsession. A look some of the first appearances by other superheroes and what a nearmint condition copy of the comic is worth.

The original price of the comic book in 1938 was 10 cents. Try nearly a million dollars, if its an original copy of action comics. Superman comic saves family home from foreclosure abc news. Comic book containing supermans debut sold for nearly one. Comic book containing supermans debut sold for nearly one million. The comic is only one of 50 originals of action comics no. The original price for the issue, when it was sold. Published in 1939 by timely comics, which later became marvel comics, it features an android superhero called the human torch, a costumed detective known as angel, and a. But no, the rare100copiesonly edition of the action comics no. The 1938 edition of action comics no1 was sold by a private.

It features the first appearance of several comicbook heroesmost notably. A rare copy of the first comic book featuring superman has sold for nearly one million dollars. As of friday morning, there were different 30 bids for action. It is widely considered to be both the beginning of the superhero. The first bid, three minutes into the auction that began on aug. Supermans first comic auction for 1 million usd hypebeast. Superman first hit newsstands in 1938s action comics no. The strip proved so popular that national launched superman into his own selftitled comic book, the first for any. On monday, comicconnect announced that it had sold the first superman comic book, action comics no. A pristine copy of the first comic book featuring superman is on track to set a new record as the most expensive one sold at auction. Superman is considered the worlds first mainstream, superpowered comic book. Most comic fans know that superman actually began life in action comics.

A rare, nearly flawless copy of superman s comic book debut has sold for a superpowered price. Superman is an ongoing american comic book series featuring the dc comics superhero superman as its main protagonist. Superman comic sells for a million dollars the independent. Of the,000 copies of the comic sold on the newsstand in 1938, only about 100 remain.

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