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Pdf ecotourism is one of the most promising economic activities to achieve sustainable. Just under two hours from oaxaca city exists a network of zapotec villages sprinkled throughout 100 kilometers of hiking trails in the sierra norte. Read on wikipedia edit history talk page print download pdf. Expediciones sierra norte is based on intercommunity cooperation to promote the preservation of oaxacas natural and cultural heritage by means of offering high quality,sustainable, and responsible tourism that is closely linked with the customs of the villages involved.

Pueblas mancomunados are really a gem in oaxaca region and really worth visiting. The company will provide you with maps and bus timetables to get to your starting destination. The sierra chinanteca, north of the sierra juarez, are home to chinantec towns including santiago comaltepec, san pedro yolox. Aire libres 3 day running adventure to visit the people from the pueblos mancomunados, a group of 6 autonomous villages located in the northern sierra of oaxaca. Oaxaca travel guide what to do in oaxaca rough guides. The latter range is known locally as the sierra norte and is an extension of the much larger range known as the sierra madre oriental. Sierra sur is a region in the state o oaxaca, mexico. This work is brought to you for free and open access by the university.

Expediciones sierra norte in oaxaca city, mexico lonely planet. The sierra juarez is a range of mountains in oaxaca state, mexico between latitudes 17201750n and. A pdf version of this booklet is accessible on this site. This ecotourism project brackets almost 300 kilometers of land and houses a series of microclimates ranging from deep pine forest to almost desertlike conditions where giant agave grow larger than most humans. Wwfmexico programa bosques mexicanos sierra norte programa bosques mexicanos deforestacion en partes bajas, altas y.

It is 62 km from the city of oaxaca on federal highway 175, heading east towards tuxtepec. Pdf noteworthy records of two rare mammals in sierra norte. Ixtlan, which has 26 municipalities, villa alta, which has 25 municipalities and mixe, which has 17 municipalities. Natural wonders of oaxaca, mexico birds, wildlife, and plants. You can book a trip to the sierra norte through a local agency in oaxaca, but support the zapotec locals by choosing a locally owned and operated tour with expediciones sierra norte. These elements characterize the constitution of the two ecotourism networks. Mexicos sierra norte also known as sierra juarez lies in the southern state of oaxaca. Pdf networks in strengthening communitybased ecotourism in.

Positioned from the paradigm of postnormal science, multicriteria evaluation methods are considered the most appropriate for assessing environmental sustainability to consider the three basic dimensions of environmental sustainability. For the sierra norte and the pueblos mancomunados contact expediciones. Communitygoverned multifunctional landscapes and forest. First off though, why not see what oaxaca has to offer you, the visiting. This city office has copious information including a guide map.

The sierra norte region in oaxaca s highlands is celebrated for its incredible biodiversity. The price includes 6 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 5 dinners. With an impressive amount of flora and fauna as well as many animals, the people in the villages feel that its important to protect their precious land. It turns out this all worked out really well for us. Unfortunately, prices offered for package tours by sierra norte expeditions are quite high they offered a 4 days 3 nights package for around 12,000 pesos in spanish and 18,000 in english for two people.

Ixtlan, whilk haes 26 municipalities, villa alta, whilk haes 25 municipalities an mixe, whilk haes 17 municipalities. Exploring the pueblos mancomunados of oaxacas sierra norte. Pueblos mancomunados oaxaca all you need to know before. The sierra norte of oaxaca pueblos mancomunados, oaxaca. Explore sierra norte holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. First off though, why not see what oaxaca has to offer you, the visiting family with my article about family travel to oaxaca. It is 62 km frae the ceety o oaxaca on federal heichgate 175, heidin east taewart tuxtepec. Some of oaxacas most exhilarating outdoor experiences are to be had among the mountain villages of the pueblos mancomunados, where this communityrun outfit maintains a network of good trails, comfortable cabanas cabins, guide services, and horse and bike rentals. We really wanted to visit pueblos mancomunados, but we didnt have enough time to stay overnight, and the expediciones sierra norte esn office in oaxaca was closed on the weekends so we werent able to buy a tour package. Hiking in oaxacas sierra norte indigenous villages two. In oaxaca, you will get a chance to have an authentic culinary experience as you taste a creative, spicy cuisine. Cargo positions are unpaid, providing free services to the community.

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