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All four books, published between 1997, 1998, 2002. New member confirmation emails may not be going out so keep checking back using the log on details you asked for. Mrp and scootertronics bring you high quality tkj costa scooter high performance exhaust, variator, reeds and roller weights for doing upgrades and mods for better performance to give you the power, mileage simply longer lasting performance for your scooter. The t max, silverwing, and burgmans are all great scooters for commuting, and.

Higher quality for all components of speed control, higher durability and less maintenance. Tuning transmission scooter honda dio put a variator from the yamaha and a large pulley. The givi was needed since all windshields on bikes are small to begin with and if you are over 54 or so you will just need to buy a taller one. Aug 29, 2012 the honda silver wing makes no apologies for what it is, and neither should you. Honda fjs600 a silver wing owners manual pdf download. From consumers who seek these due to the results that are achieved. Hover over the image to show more detail or select an alternative view. Speed speed speed with jcosta variator for all maxi scooters, yamaha tmax, majesty, honda silverwing, forza. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

It only has 6,400 miles on it but it lacks what i used to have with my cb750 a long time ago. Overall the honda silverwing has to be regarded as one of the very best allrounders on the market. Rather than replace the rollers and movable pulley, ive ordered a j. Costa evo 3 gilera gp 800 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012. Just as likely its the burgmans girth, a whopping 810mm wide compared to the silverwings slender 770mms. View and download honda fjs600 a silver wing owners manual online. The key question, to me, was the width of the backing plate between the two variator assemblies, and whether that would make any difference. Jun 07, 2016 honda fjs600 silverwing roller strip down and clean after only 4303 miles duration. Get honda silverwing 600 manual pdf file for free from our online library pdf file.

I have been thinking seriously about pulling off the cover just to clean and inspect my 06. Pulley are good to get a little bit more of your scooter, but never will give you more than a malossi or polini not even a j. Even though your 2002 honda silver wing is a few years old, it still has a lot of life left in it. The one thing that really stops me from getting one is the issues that have been seen on the modern vespa forum.

The key question, to me, was the width of the backing plate between the two variator. Sliders engage up to 20% faster than traditional rollers. The silverwings perceived traffic agility may come from its smaller tires, 1208014 front and 15070 rear versus the brugmans 1606015 front and 1207014 rear, those make for quicker turn in and less rotating mass. Tarifa j costa 2010 economy of europe currency scribd. Variomatik variator honda silver wing fjs 400 nf01 0608. Costa at about 4,0005,000 miles, so maybe it just didnt slap. Jeff, i really appreciate the pictorial you posted on the scootertrap site. I have owned this scoot from new and have now clocked just over 154,000kms. Starting from a structure similar to traditional ones, the crosssectional variator has a different. Costa variomatik fur ihren scooter, roller, atv, quad oder mofa. J costa for sale rare antique furniture collectors. Higher reaction on the throttle pressdepress of the rollers. The cover nut holes a little bit bigger then original one, must use added pads for perfect joint without moving or shaking.

I figure with that i can probably tackle the job myself. The silverwing book series is a series of novels by kenneth oppel about the adventures of a young bat. Yes, the windscreen is too small but by adding a 120mm hi laminar lip, and side handle grip deflectors, problem solved. The bike means serious business, and its all thanks to a long list of luxurycomfort features, including full. Variator variable valve timing continuously variable transmission. I wanted to see for myself and measure with my own hands the difference between the stock gts variator and the j costa variator, in order to make up my own mind. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price.

Jcosta variator and exhaust are now available in stock, all types of maxi scooters from. Costa variator yamaha tmax 500 0107, evo 3 version. Costa variator kit along with a belt and nonmovable front pulley. With the j costa, its much easier to leave cages off the line since i now unofficially do 060 in about 6. Great bike with plenty of power especially after the j.

It improved a bit on fitting a j costa variator, but the still sluggish performance made it dangerous joining fast traffic on motorways. Variator nut working loose, destroying both housing and drive cone, 2 times and the ignition switch burning out due to using bigger wattage head light bulbs than recommended. This is not either the right place where to ask for price, availability, delivery, shipping, for this info. When i was looking at both, the standard 650 and the standard swing were within a couple hundred dollars of each. To be certain you get as much as possible out of your machine, rely on for the highest quality 2002 honda silver wing fsc600 parts. Our price is lower than the manufacturers minimum advertised price. Jcosta variator it645fs pro for honda silverwing 600cc, sw t600 600cc.

A variator is a device that can change its parameters, or can change parameters of other devices. Even though you do not appear to be very performance oriented, extra power is sometimes very useful. Simultaneously, when the weights have reached the end of their travel pulley fully opened, they also possess a taller ratio at higher revs, providing an increase in top speed. Jcosta j costa variator pro line it620pro kymco ak 550. The exclusive variator pro line by jcosta as well as a general increase of power, allows greater safety in the conduction of the scooter as the most readiness allows a more easy ripartenza to traffic lights and crossing the sorpassi having an opening gas more quickly and one sprint decided makes it simple thanks to a much more effective recovery. That being said, in theory, these imperfections would case the variator to be unbalanced and cause excessive stress on the end of your crank probably why weve all heard of stock cranks not holding up with a tjt all in all its a wicked variator and worth the little work to use. Pulley 16x34 gliding roller weights for individuals using the j. Silverwing is a bestselling childrens novel, written by kenneth oppel, first published in 1997 by harpercollins. Costa variator install, good and competent handling in the twisties, and comfortable. Pulley sliders are a different style of roller and can be used with your stock variator. Im coming late to this discussion, but you folks have convinced mei need the j costa variator. Costa was not needed but i like to play around with things i own. Variator with oem rollers bushing and the variator housing with shoes oem variator and j costa housings oem variator j costa notice that behind the variator is another washer. Often a variator is a mechanical power transmission device that can change its gear ratio continuously rather than in steps.

Mar 10, 20 tuning transmission scooter honda dio put a variator from the yamaha and a large pulley. Costa variator would add more performance, than the other 3 mods, alone. Read online now honda silverwing 600 manual ebook pdf at our library. Mrp and scootertronics bring you high quality tk j costa scooter high performance exhaust, variator, reeds and roller weights for doing upgrades and mods for better performance to give you the power, mileage simply longer lasting performance for your scooter. Malossi racing variator for honda silverwing 600 5111812 fits. The best technology, performance and equipment for scooters. Behind outer variator pulley you will find another washer check the driving belt.

To the silverwing rider that previously rode a kawasaki touring bike. The basic task of the variator and rollers combination is to maintain peak rpm power during acceleration right upto the point where the pulleys become fully extended and run out of gearing. This variator takes 1014 business days for delivery. The problem of slow take offs and a little more on the top end solves traffic problems easy. I notice you list your swing as a 2007, same as mine. Scoottouring the honda silverwing and suzuki burgman.

Higher refrigeration allowing less temperature due to the new variator design with sink. The new pro speed control series, differs from above by taking a heatsinks within the speed control in a circle provided with projections, between rollers area and bushing area. Polini variator kit honda silverwing 400 hover over the image to show more detail or select an alternative view excl. The j costa seems like a good design, but the overall verdict is that theyre expensive to buy and reweight once the supplied weights wear down. Oct 04, 2006 both bikes feature torquey parallel twins, with the silverwing displacing 582cc and the burgman weighing in at 638cc. Costa units offer a shorter transmission ratio at lower revs, which leads to a quicker acceleration. It can do what most bikes can do, but is much more practical, comfortable and easier to use especially in town than any of them.

Costa variator permits a considerably faster acceleration at the lower revs regime offering a stronger torque all along the power curve. J costa performance variator tk tm117jc6412fs free shipping j costa variator for honda pcx. I have a tmax for the last 4 years, and i use to go with a group of tmax in barcelona. Costa pro, for vespa gtsgts supergtvgt 60 250300ccm 4t lc, also for piaggio quasar 250300cc, 4stroke, lc 12 rollers, 15g in contrast to conventional v. Fjs600 a silver wing motorcycle pdf manual download. Scooter parts for honda silver wing 600 for sale ebay. New jcosta variator xtreme xrp serie it5307xrp for 20172018.

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