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An improved cg location and rear surefit tour weight creates more distance by optimizing the launch and reducing the spin. The standard length of a steel driver for a man is 44 inches. Simple and intuitive, the ytrack delivers a completely connected track system for the first time, giving golfers unrestricted movement of 22g of mass two 11g. I did instantly gain better, more consistent contact, and more consistent. Shaft kick point, also known as flex point or bend point, is the location on the shaft that bends the most during a swing. Driver shaft length are you shorting yourself using a 46. The 43yearold was aware of the fact that his lowlaunching, highspinning drives were costing him distance, but he wasnt sure how to improve. Titleist ts drivers and shafts custom shafts golf usa. A higher kick point, which means the bend point is higher in the shaft, closer to the grip, can help lower trajectory, while a lower kick point, which is closer to where the head and shaft are connected can help increase the trajectory of a golf shot.

The m3 driver features a new ytrack, which offers two seamlessly movable weights, allowing golfers to adjust their settings for optimal trajectory, maximum forgiveness, or raw speed. Im also 57 so im not sure if a standard length driver shaft is right for me. The new 915d2 and 915d3 drivers will be available in golf shops worldwide beginning nov. From the beginning of the 20th century all the way through to the middle 1980s, the standard mens driver length stood at 43. This raises the immediate question, why is a relatively tall, obviously highly skilled player using a shorter than standard driver. I can kill my 3 wood, and at one point was even considering putting that shaft in my driver just to see what it was.

For every 1 added, the shaft becomes one flex softer. Drivers used by pga tour players who averaged over 300 yards per. I hit several and liked the titleist best, but for a few weeks the shaft 45. Most male golfers are wielding drivers that measure 45 to 48 inches, the maximum allowed under the united states golf associations rules of golf. Anyone know how short titleist will make a driver shaft. The drivers used by the top10 longest hitters on the pga tour in. In reality, the average length of a driver used on tour is 44. Whats the average driver shaft length on the pga tour.

Making your 910 driver longer isnt wrong either, just personal preference. Use lead weight on the back of the head or lead shaft plugs in the tip to bring the swing weight back up. Find the perfect deal for titleist golf club shafts with free shipping on many items at ebay. Contrary to what some might think, there isnt a run on. May 14, 2020 the best driver shafts 2020 now that you know what you should be looking for in a driver shaft, lets consider some of the most popular and effective shafts on the market. Driver shaft length too long for most players clubs. The feel of the shaft didnt change at all aka stiffness or boardyness. Rickie fowler finds shorterlength driver to his liking. Standard length of golf clubs for women and men sportsrec. Aug 20, 2015 using trackman my idea was to test the same golfer, clubhead and golf ball, but change the shaft length. Its neither right nor wrong as there is no industry standard.

The 460cc head has a larger sweet spot than the other 905 drivers for more forgiveness and faster ball speeds across a larger area on the face. King f9 speedback driver also is a shorterthanstandard 43. Using trackman my idea was to test the same golfer, clubhead and golf ball, but change the shaft length. Graphite clubs are slightly longer, with a standard driver at 45 inches, 5iron at 38. I took my current driver, which is the titleist d3 8.

In general shorter shafts improve center face contact which improves consistent distance. Sometimes a golfers height and arm length will negate each other and a standard length is the best option. The titleist 905r driver is built to optimize all aspects of your shot off the tee. Was custom fitted and after getting the stiff atmos shaft, the ball flighf was perfect. Not to mention custom grips, shaft lengths, shaft tipping and more. The drivers used by the top10 longest hitters on the pga. Titleist club spec option summary 1 models loft options loft range standard lie lie range standard lengths length range1 drivers 915d2 7. When i pull the trigger on a new driver, that is something im going to factor in. I have plenty of distance, but driver accuracy is an issue for me. It features a highspeed forged face insert which delivers more speed over a larger area of the face. For players like rory and dustin johnson, tipping is one way to finetune the shaft to get their preferred flex and feel. The average driver shaft length on tour is roughly 44.

Jan 31, 2017 the stock driver length of most manufacturers taylormade, callaway ping, cobra these days is 45. However, in the 21st century a standard driver is considered to be 45 inches. While the tour average fluctuates, it has stayed within a 3. Driver shaft length too long for most players clubs, grips.

In the last 25 years, the average driver shaft length has gradually moved from 43 inches. Bobka kept about six driver heads in his office, either 6. The longer shaft promises more speed but possibly less control while the. The shaft will not work any differently being extended and you will likely not notice other minor specs that will change with such a short change in length. So what is the shortest driver shaft length titleist make as i dont want to go much. Does anyone have any advice on appropriate shaft length for your height.

Golf usa of manhattan offers over 100 different custom shafts from aldila, fujikura, graphite design, mitsubishi, project x and more. I am extremely happy with this purchase and with the price. I noticed zero difference in how the club felt in my hands aka swing weight. The driver shipped fast and came exactly as advertised. Schauffele, bubba watson, phil mickelson, and dustin johnson are all below 60%. Every m6 driver head has been individually injected to reach the threshold of the maximum. Thats why his irons throughout the years havent changed specs, aside.

The titleist 9d2 driver features a 460cc full pear shaped titanium head. What length driver should you use with mark crossfield. Evening i am having a fitting for driver this weekend, i know a 3 wood length shaft in my old driver gives me more control and accuracy with only a small loss of distance. For every 12 length reduction from the grip end there will be approximately 3 swing weights lost and the shaft will become marginally stiffer.

Starting in the 1980s, all the golf equipment companies began to increase the standard length of the driver to the point that today, all mens drivers are made to a length between 45. Dec 18, 2019 the average driver shaft length on tour is roughly 44. If you are using the stock shaft that came with your driver when you purchased, any of these options will likely be an upgrade. Shop by club type such as driver shaft, hybrid shaft, fairway wood shaft. Building rory mcilroys driver with taylormade golf at the. If you happen to be blessed with large hands, a midsize grip is 67g so that kills 2 swingweight points. Additional shaft and flex options available through the titleist custom clubs department. I want to see the course vlog with that titleist employee you played with. Driver shaft length is shorter better than standard length. What drivers do the pga tours longest golfers use to bomb their tee shots. Michael breed, host of the golf fix, answers a viewers email question on driver shaft length. Each series of drivers aims to deliver greater ball speed and more distance through improvements in the face and center of gravity cg optimizations.

Taking a look at the driver shaft length used by the tour leaders in strokes. Given that 9g in shaft weight change 1 swingweight point, the proforce 96 would almost accomodate a 1 shortening of the driver without changing the grip. Check out breeds tip on how to determine whether your driver shaft length is too long or too short. Check out the detailed specs for all five drivers below. Ive been golfing a couple times a week for over 30 years and this is the best driver i have ever hit. See what results we got when we tried different length shafts on the golf club in a driver. So what is the shortest driver shaft length titleist make as i dont want to go much above a 3 wood length. Titleist may be most famous for its golf balls, but titleist drivers are every bit as capable of delivering high performance as their renowned golf balls. Ygt rory visits the taylormade golf tour truck at the british masters at close house to talk about what the players ask for during a tournament and to see rory mcilroys driver being built to. Let us have the experts at titleist build your custom driver specially for you.

Sep 27, 2017 ygt rory visits the taylormade golf tour truck at the british masters at close house to talk about what the players ask for during a tournament and to see rory mcilroys driver being built to. See what golfwrx members are saying about dustins clubs. Struggling with accuracy off the tee, rickie fowler shaved an inch off his driver length at the honda classic, using a 43. Length of shafts according to height in golf sportsrec. Brian ussery arrived at the kingdom with a titleist 915d2 9. I have better ball distance, i need my complete set of m6 clubs. Im 58 and when i swing a standard length shaft i feel like i cant widen my base because ill be too far away from the ball and if i try to keep my feet a little. The standard length of a driver for men used to be 43. Titleist custom golf clubs options and complete specifications for ts drivers and fairway metals, 818 hybrids, 718 irons, vokey design sm6 wedges, and scotty cameron putters.

The titleist driver was chosen for the testing because we have the ability to match swing weight by adjusting the weight in the back, and we have multiple shafts that are exactly the same but are available in different lengths example. Titleist mitsubishi av 55 stiff tensi blue driver shaft 4412 brand. Clubs other than drivers gradually get shorter if a 44inch steel shaft driver is indicated by the chart, your 5iron will measure 38 inches and sand wedge 35. Woods briefly switched into a fujikura driver shaft, and a grafalloy made. This edition of golf tips relates to driver accuracy. Oct 01, 2014 in addition, titleist offers an industryleading titleists words, not mine number of custom shaft choices.

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